About Us

Play Sqorr is a skill-based
sports matchup game.

  • We offer matchups of athlete vs. athlete that are prepared by our expert game making team, and presented in a one-on-one selection process.

  • Customers must pick four to ten athletes using their skills and knowledge of athletes and Performance Scoring to win real money.

  • The goal is to select the athletes who will generate a higher Performance Scores in their respective matchup

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Why choose Us

What makes Play SQORR better than the others?

Playsqorr is fun and easy to play. All you need to do is pick and play. (Stats are readily available for you hard-core fans).

  • No Sharks Zone

    Play a simple game of skill with equal odds for all players – Unlike other sites, there are no “sharks” that make it impossible to win

  • Easy and fun to play

    No complicated scoring rules that are nearly impossible to understand. Simply make your picks and you’re ready to go.

  • Your favorite sports

    College and pro football, basketball, tennis, golf, auto racing and many more to come

ready to

Play. Pick. wins?

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